Methamphetamine presentations from the Alice Springs Forum, November 4, 2015

Ross Bell - Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste.pptx (1.6MB)

• Tracey Brand- A Central Australian Aboriginal Community Perspective.pptx (6.5MB)

• John Boffa - A Comprehensive Primary Health Care Approach To Ice, Alcohol and Other Drugs.pptx (8.2MB)

Ann Roche - Workplace as a Methamphetamine Prevention and Intervention Site.pptx (2.9MB)

Ann Roche - Methamphetamine Use in Australia 2015.pptx (4.8MB)

Nicole Lee- Breaking the Ice Methamphetamine Use in Australia and Effective Responses.pdf (11.6MB


CAYLUS Newsletters

• CAYLUS 'Link Up' Newsletter 2010 (5MB)

• CAYLUS 'Link Up' Newsletter 2009 (2.9MB)

• CAYLUS 'Link Up' Newsletter 2007 (2MB)

• CAYLUS 'Link Up' Newsletter 2006 (3.6MB)

• CAYLUS 'Link Up' Newsletter 2004 (1.3MB)

• CAYLUS 'Link Up' Newsletter 2003 (3.7MB)


Evaluation of CAYLUS and Sub-Projects

CAYLUS Section of the Review of Petrol Sniffing Prevention Programs in the NT 2005, Alan Clough, Gillian Shaw and Peter d'Abbs for the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing (210KB)

• CIRCA Research, Evaluation of CAYLUS for the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing 2007 (826KB)

Evaluation of CAYLUS Youth Program Provision under the Indigenous Justice Program, Feedback Report Bowchung Consulting 2013 (138KB)

Evaluation of the CAYLUS Youth Worker Brokerage, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (NDARC) 2016 (3.7MB)

Opal/LAF Resources and info

• Opal Brochure (95K)

• Opal Cost Benefit Analysis Report (629K)

• Opal Vehicle testing Fact Sheet (40K)

• Opal Sticker (375K)

History of the Opal Alliance (2.5MB)

• 2009 Menzies Evaluation of Opal (105K)

Research and Evaluation

Maggie Brady - Parental Responsibility and Sniffing (30K)

• Pauline Fietz - Childhood Paper (417K)

Fietz, Pauline 2006, A Good Practice Model for Youth Program Development in Southern Central Australia (101K)

The Brain Story (powerpoint file) (817K)

• The Mt Theo Story (1999) (809K)

• The Willowra Story (89K)

• The model and achievements of the Central Australian Youth Link Up Service - Gillian Shaw (718K)

• Youth Development in Central Australia: Beyond 2012 (981K)

• d'Abbs - Brady - Government Policy Development (89K)

• d'Abbs - Maclean Report - Review of Interventions (352K)

Centre for Remote Health - Youth Programs in Central Australian Aboriginal Communities  (722KB)

Contested Domains: Regulating Responses to Volatile Substance Misuse in the Alice Springs Town Camps- Christina Marel (2.7MB)



CAYLUS Submissions

2015 Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Provisions of the Family Assistance Legislation Amendment (Jobs for Families Childcare Package) Bill 2015 (913KB)

 2005 CAYLUS Coronial Submission (789K)

 2005 Coronial Inquest Findings  (5MB)

• CAYLUS Submission to the 2005-2006 Senate Inquiry into Petrol Sniffing(580k)  

CAYLUS Submission to the 2009 Senate Inquiry into Petrol Sniffing and Substance Misuse in Central Australia (2.5MB)

• CAYLUS Submission to the 2011 Select Committee of Inquiry into Youth Suicides in the NT (167K)

2011 CAYLUS submission to the WA Coronial Inquiry into deaths at Balgo   (1.4MB)

• 2011 Balgo Coronial Inquiry Findings (418K)

CAYLUS Submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Low Aromatic Fuel Bill 2012 (1.6MB)

Report from Senate Inquiry into the Low Aromatic Fuel Bill2012 (462K)

Work with retailers

• Retailer Kit - Countercard (13K)

• Retailer Kit - Responsible Sale of Solvents Poster (281K)

• Retailer Kit - Responsible Sale of Solvents Resource (453K)

• Retailer Kit - Sticker (14K)

• Substitution of low toxicity varieties for standard spray paints (205K)


• FACS Child Welfare Protocol (word doc) (52K)

• FACS Notification Form (word doc) (64K)

• Volatile Substance Abuse Prevention Bill (500K)

Briefing paper on Papunya Computer Room (155K)

• Volatile Substance Misuse Prevention Initiatives - poster (694K)

• VSAP ACT Factsheet (100k)

Papunya Palya Lingku Video (link)

Information For Youth Workers

• Blue Book Youth Worker Induction (1.5mb)

Menstrual Hygiene Management

MHM Central Australia CAYLUS Low Rez (3.6mb)

MHM Central Australia CAYLUS Hi Rez (9mb)





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