CAYLUS works in part to address substance misuse and its impacts by supporting community ideas that improve quality of life. In doing this work we have come to understand that there is a need to look more specifically at the challenges to Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) in Central Australian Indigenous communities, and to support communities and their organisations in becoming more girl friendly.

Our work in this area has included supporting practical measures in partnership with local schools, shops, youth programs and other community organisations. These include:

  • installation of cabinets in schools and workplaces so that girls and women are able to independently access sanitary products, which for a host of reasons they may not otherwise be able to access
  • supporting shops in implementing retailing practices that make sanitary products more accessible such as having female staff available at the counter, storing products so that they can be accessed discreetly and stocking an appropriate range of products
  • making good information accessible to young women and their families in a range of appropriate ways


MHM in central australia resource

One key outcome has been the development and publication of a book titled MHM in Central Australia. This is the first MHM specific resource to have been developed in Central Australia. It includes information which has emerged from many discussions and workshops with Indigenous girls and women, as well as youth workers, stores, clinics and schools, in the NT communities of Ampilatwatja, Utopia, Atitjere, Ali Curung, Kintore and Ikuntji during 2015/16.

This book aims to develop more girl friendly spaces in Central Australian communities by:

·      Developing an awareness among services engaging with youth of the specific challenges to MHM experienced by Indigenous girls, from and/or living in Central Australian communities

·      Equipping services engaging with youth with locally informed, appropriate MHM knowledge, language and resources, so they may work together with girls and families to support MHM

This is the first edition of this resource and further contributions and feedback are welcome, please contact





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