Central Australian Youth Link Up Service

The CAYLUS mission is to support community initiatives that improve quality of life and address substance misuse affecting young people in Central Australia.

CAYLUS started as a petrol sniffing prevention project in November 2002 from funding committed by the Howard government in response to a series of articles about petrol sniffing by the journalist Paul Toohey in The Australian. In it's early years the program employed two community development workers and a caseworker. CAYLUS now employs six full time staff and at times up to twenty part time staff based in remote central Australian communities.

CAYLUS works to reduce the impact of substance misuse by reducing supply, reducing harm and reducing demand. Activities to reduce supply include supporting the use of Low Aromatic Fuel (often known as Opal fuel) and providing advice and support to retailers of high risk products so that they are managed as well as possible. Activities to reduce the demand center on providing better alternatives to substance misuse to at risk young people, examples of this work include supporting the development ofyouth programs as well as training skills development projects. The work of CAYLUS has been independently evaluated a number of times over the years copies of reports from these evaluations can be viewed on our resources page.

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