Supply reduction is a key aspect of our work to prevent sniffing in our region. In essence this means doing what we can to cut back access and supply of high risk substances to people that are sniffing.  The CAYLUS responsible sale of solvents program is a key part of this work. Through this program we continuously assist retailers in our region to devise and implement strategies to manage their high risk substances well.CAYLUS educates stores on current VSA issues and helps develop and implement retail management plans. Strategies may include placing targeted high risk products in locked cabinets or behind counters, maintaining a register of people purchasing products and requiring and recording photo ID as a part of purchasing , and education around refusing suspect sales. With our support retailers become aware of what products can be sniffed and can successfully monitor issues around these products.

If you would like further information or would like CAYLUS to assist your store please contact the Community Supply Reduction Officer, Petra on 0409 978 756 or 8951 4219 or email


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